Far worse eh …

Then, at the Berlin European Championships in August, he signed an exploit … and a half. In short, the only second exit on the distance of his career, would have bet on his bronze in 10.000. But Yeman, occasion dyed platinum-gold hair, with a race tactically very shrewd, all in progress, has made the most of his proverbial final sprint, he shot a 2’33 “last in 1000 and finished in 28’12 “15, preceded only by the French and Belgian Amdouni Abdi.

Not enough, four days later, here is the fourth place in 5000, with the podium at 71/100. Here the protagonists were Ingebrigtsen Norwegian brothers – the 17 year old Jakob gold as already in 1500 and silver Henrik – and to break the dream of Crippa two goals we thought the Amdouni French. This time the final cue is not enough: indeed, perhaps, if you were a bit ‘before, the outcome would be different.

But, of course, there is nothing to complain about. HISTORY – especially looking back on its history: Yeman (whose name, in Aramaic, means “the right hand of God”) is one of many children of the new Italy, but behind it was a special experience, not surprisingly became the subject of a documentary film.

Born in Deffe village at almost 3000 meters above sea level, he was seven years old when in 2003, with his country still torn by the echoes of a bloody Civil War, along with five brothers and two cousins, was adopted by a Milanese couple, Roberto and Luisa Crippa. He lived in an orphanage in Addis Ababa after the natural parents died one after the disease.

For a new family so numerous, it was impossible to stay in Milan: Crippa so they moved to a house of three floors of Mountains, the town of just over 1xbet.footballresultstoday.org 200 inhabitants near Tione, in the Giudicarie valleys. That ‘s where Yeman grew up and lived until a few months ago (it is now in Trento to better train): First football, then athletics. And a foul-mouthed talent quickly that is being constantly consolidated.

THE FUTURE credit goes to coach Massimo Pegoretti, a former distance runner blue, following it step by step. The two, in view of that 2019 will be very busy, starting from another experience to cross Europeans, in Tilburg, the Netherlands, on 9 December, from the beginning of the month are at Iten in the Rift Valley in Kenya, for an internship preparation in deep sea. Yeman is ready to put the wings.

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October 30, 2018 – A Milan launch of Tom Brady, 41, from New England to taste during the Monday Night against Buffalo AFP Monday Night rare ugliness. New England eventually fold strength Buffalo (25-6) but the attack is idling all night. First time without td, second with two, one on the only decent drive of Pats, the other with a pick six of Devin McCourty from 84 yards. Sunday (Sunday Night) in Foxboro Aaron Rodgers arrives, needing more.

The running game without Michel was nonexistent. LONDON CALLING – Returned from Wembley once again amazed by the more than 85,000 spectators (record for a London NFL game) that – regardless of who plays and how little can be (see the Sunday Jags) – they never miss their presence on stands, we will enjoy a day who said little new, starting from (semi) tail, which is the Sunday Night, the only race that probably marked the season of the two contenders.

SAINTS IN PARADISE – The Vikings had shown signs of life, they seemed on course to return to be a contender in the NFC. Then they clashed with the runaway train that seems to be the New Orleans version 2018. Thielen fumble and interception of Cousins ​​broke what seemed a balanced match.

Having lost the first with Tampa, the Saints have now won six in a row. And they seem to be the only real opponent of the Rams. Thursday Texans – Step back, or rather jump.

But you see that Houston is not that bad and that the 3 k.o. early season they were considering the rust Watson and Watts? cincy remains cincy – Hard to decipher. Or maybe too easy? How to dominate a game, almost throw it away and take it up by the hair. Tampa embarrassing, already huge doubts about the future of Jameis Winston as taste around which to build, and Fitzmagic flashes that they put back into the race. Before calcione Randy Bullock.

Now the Bengals have a bye. But doubts are many. hue (Jackson) and The News – The news are those of the head-coach of the Browns dismissal. Leave with a ridiculous budget (3-36-1) for a terrific (on the contrary) win percentage of 8.8%. Far worse eh …

In difficult career though it is slightly better with 20.5%. That of Belichick is 68%. To “reach” Jackson should lose the next 867 games. Made out even the offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Discounted. legion of boom – It ‘s just a memory.

But while Seattle has won four of five after losing the first two. More to the attack with defense. At least the season will not be a disaster as it seemed to be in September. Lions instead take one step forward and two steps back. Stafford continues to be neither fish nor fowl.

110 hurdles – Habit (or vice) to jump opponents is now becoming a trend. But seeing Kareem Hunt that turns a defender of the Broncos in a hazard and pass as if nothing had happened, without ever losing balance or step, it was a show. Chiefs who do not say anything new in the victory over Denver. Stellar Strike (Tyreke Hill, however, has stretched) and defense deboluccia.

Greet the capital – Washington uninspiring but sfanga with “Derelitti Giants” (it seems the brand has already been deposited). Eli Manning is over, but – poor – with that line even Joe Montana is saved … The real news are the 149 yards and two TD Adrian Peterson.

Far from being finished, or “about” the Derelitti? For New York to continue with Manning is counterproductive. You already know that you will change next year, at which point did you see in Kyle Lauletta would be logical. Meanwhile, the defense of the Redskins Barkley held to 38 yards, not new to the department. last but not least – Rams-Packers wowed. For the first time L.A.

It has been tested to the end. And he responded great. Aaron Donald seemed possessed by the devil. Gurley was content if parameterised at what he does. Eventually Ty Montgomery mess has taken away from Rodgers hands what could be the ball of a stunning final drive.

Only regret (for the neutral spectator) a really good game. Radio London – tells us that the Jags are over, the Eagles can still grab Washington, which launches Bortles elementary mistake (even if it was not so disastrous looking at the statistics, to the naked eye, however, never gives the impression of doing the right thing), that if the can get away and that if the three second Wentz makes you sliced ​​the running game the Jags not exist without Fournette, that what the Eagles with the fourth RB (Josh Adams rookie). the super bowl of the week – In a season without too many certainties, it is perhaps the only Rams-Chiefs. At least to October 30 … Massimo Oriani

October 19, 2018 – Milan Denver finds the defense, and, not surprisingly, also the victory. The Broncos dominate the Arizona Cardinals 45-10 on Thursday Night NFL opening the seventh day. They interrupt the series of four consecutive defeats raising his trademark: a fierce defense.

Both in the pass rush, 6 total sacks, with Von Miller and dominant freshman Chubb, which in key interceptions: the pick six of Davis and Harris open and immediately close the Glendale challenge, already on 21-3 at the end of 1st quarter. The icing on the cake for the pride of Colorado is yet another great performance Sanders, throwing for a TD, Sutton, with a make-up game, and get to a goal, the only event launched by the usual Keenum chiaroscuro . Denver, now 3-4 record, at least in the attack exploits a good running game: freshmen Lindsay, seasonal revelation, and Freeman, both mark a touchdown, and on the ground the Broncos grind 131 yds.

He kicked some booty! #DENvsAZ “https://t.co/Awo9Ku1Qr5 pic.twitter.com/KaWk32qPpy – Denver Broncos (@Broncos) October 19, 2018 LAW OF MURPHY – Arizona is the proof of Murphy’s Law. If things can go wrong, it definitely will. At worst there seems to be no end. Rosen suffered three interceptions and finishes the race injured his left foot on the running game works if possible even less than that of passage despite the talents of Johnson, the record tells of a dismal 1-6 season.

Fans with boo sound have shown their frustration over a bad team coached – offensive coordinator, McCoy threatens once the place after the sixth straight game with less than 300 yds produced, only 83 in the first half, and the fate of head coach Wilks seems marked by the end of 2018 – and for one night it did seem the Broncos in crisis, spurred by Elway in the week with threats not too veiled, even the Los Angeles Rams.